You Imagine

We Create

Transformation of

Aluminum into Art

Raw Material


High Quality and

Durable Production

You Imagine We Create

Aluminum Extrusion Products

Raw Material Supply

High Quality and Durable Production

Who We Are?

We have been working with all our strength to innovate, develop and produce specially formed aluminum extrusion profiles for 20 years.

In order to continuously increase existing production competencies with new technologies, Kenan Metal continues to meet customer demands and to step into new markets by analyzing the expectations, requirements and needs of its customers, to upgrade its existing facilities to the latest technological standards and to invest and lead the sector with its high production capacity at its production facilities located in Çorlu Tekirdag.

You Imagine We Create!

You imagine we produce. We turn your all ideas into an aluminum product.

Kenan Metal has been continuing to turn aluminum into art for exactly 20 years.

You don't need to go too far to get a better product

Kenan Metal, which manufactures with the principle of absolute customer and employee satisfaction, meets the current and future expectations of different sectors such as awning pergola, construction and special profiles by adopting environmentally friendly production systems and develops with a constantly renewed contemporary vision.

Mold Workshop
  • Special Design
  • Tailor made production
  • High Technology
  • Low Margin of Error
  • Quality Production
  • Profile Production
  • Latest Technology
  • Production Capacity of 72,000 tons
  • Wide Range of Products
  • 18.000 Tons Annual Production
  • Profile Surface Treatment
  • Production Capacity
  • 6.000 Tons Production Capacity