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Kenan Metal offers not only quality and excellence in aluminum profile production, but also diversity and customization opportunities. As an important part of this range, the company also offers a special anodized coating service for its aluminum profiles.

Kenan Metal's facilities include a special anodizing line with a capacity of 6,000 tons. The capacity and technology offered by this line provides customers with a wide range of colors and surface properties. This means that each aluminum profile can be customized according to the customer's wishes and needs.

The anodizing process controls the oxidation of aluminum, adding a protective and decorative surface layer to the metal. Kenan Metal's experienced and skilled anodizing team offers a choice of colors and surface finishes so that each profile can be unique and personalized. Whether it's a matte, glossy or textured finish, Kenan Metal's anodizing line can make every customer's dream a reality.

Kenan Metal's anodizing line represents not only a process step, but also a personalized and customer-oriented aspect of the company's services. Each profile can be tailored to the exact requirements of the customer, thus ensuring the best result for every project. This is why Kenan Metal is not only a leader in the production of aluminum profiles, but also a trendsetter.

Kenan Metal