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Human Resources

Career in Kenan Metal

Kenan Metal, career every step of the journey with all staff and business partners. Our priority is always the leader in the business, qualified and dynamic staff.

Working at Kenan Metal

Due to our human resources policies, in line with our vision and goals we aim to provide new career opportunities for our colleagues successful performers. For this purpose, promotion and career opportunities, job enrichment, such as by adhering to the principle of equality of opportunity and plans on a regular basis we are working.

Identify career options that would be appropriate for our colleagues and we are working to implement these options within a program. This whole process of successful programs conducted by Kenan metal, and orientation is supported by the human resources department processes.

Recruitment Process

Kenan metal quality and the power of happy people is the most important key to success. When you give up superior quality goals, evolve and learn, being open to pursuing continuous innovation, change and differentiation who believes in a young, dynamic and due to the metal value of the participating individuals of the human family, Kenan, the human resources department has a strategic role. By enabling the development of technical and behavioral competencies appropriate to their capabilities of our colleagues in progress, we aim to contribute to career plans. Kenan metals with the potential to conform to the corporate culture and values, high energy, able to adapt to change, to adopt the principles of impartiality and equal opportunity of persons will be employed. In the recruitment process, competence interview for the determination of the position in the context of personality or skill tests, Foreign Language Level test, and again the position according to the characteristics of case studies such as the recruitment steps are followed. Reference checks are also a step in our recruitment process we take into consideration. With the positive results of this process with the candidates “job offer” is passed to the process. To become a member of the family, Kenan Metal, your job applications; you can reach us by filling out the application form HR.

Orientation and Training

Regular monitoring and updating of human resources department orientation programs Kenan Metal, colleagues, develop business skills and vocational training are the processes that follow to complete the process. Our manufacturing facilities and general speed up the recruitment process for all staff who work in our Center for our family to give them a specific plan/are trained within the program. In the case of the position might differ in the way that, as applied to a portion of the theoretical part of the training will be being processed in a way that can be planned.


“Kenan Metal” in his capacity as responsible for this electronic data as our candidates running you through the job application form, we collect the personal data, the law on protection of personal data No. 6698 (“KVKK”) and in accordance with the relevant legislation in force; recruitment, assessment, communication, and human resources activities for the purposes of placement on a limited basis within the framework of the establishment of an employment contract will be handled. Poet period stipulated by kvkk and legislation related to your personal data you have shared with us, without prejudice to the database will be stored for 12 months.

Our Vision

Kenan Metal has been working with all its strength in the research, development and production processes of special-formed aluminum extrusion profiles for 20 years.

Our Mission

Our company, which closely follows technological developments from an innovative point of view and increases its production capacity every day; meets all kinds of demands of stakeholders with its experience and accumulation and leads the sector with its wide product range without borders and main goal of our company, is to achieve permanent superiority in the international markets.

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