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Mold Workshop


Mold Workshop

Kenan Metal, as a brand specialized in aluminum profile production, all our production processes are designed in accordance with the needs of the customer. We would like to give more detailed information about the mold shop, one of the most important links of these processes.

The mold shop is the core of Kenan Metal's production process. Molds prepared in accordance with customer designs and needs are produced on high-tech CNC machine tools in our facility. The production of our molds is a process that requires fine workmanship, and molds are created using extremely precise tolerances. This ensures that our products are always of high quality and reliable.

The mold shop includes not only the production of molds, but also the maintenance and management of the molds. After the production of the molds, a team is assigned to maintain and manage the molds. This team takes all necessary measures to ensure that the molds remain in perfect condition and that there are no disruptions in the production process.

Kenan Metal adopts the highest standards in mold shop processes. Each mold is meticulously controlled from the design stage to production and maintenance. This is one of the main factors that ensure Kenan Metal's excellence in aluminum profile production.

Therefore, we attach great importance to our molding processes in order to provide the best service to our customers and to maintain the quality of our products. Our mold shop is the key to Kenan Metal's success and customer satisfaction.

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