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About Us


Transformation of Aluminum into Art!

In accordance with changing and increasing demands, from its foundation to the present day, it has quickly incorporated innovative production technologies in its field with the work of expert R&D and P&D staff and it has taken care to meet the customer expectations by reflecting the developments in its products.

Kenan Metal manufactures 1500 TONS (5 INCHES), 1800 TONS (7 INCHES), 2400 TONS (8 INCHES) and 4000 TONS (10 INCHES) with 4 extrusion press machines in a modern production facility designed and built specifically for the production of aluminum profiles. It has achieved an annual production capacity of 36,000 tons with its quality, which has been certified by TSE, IATF, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002 and OHSAS 18001.

QUALICOAT has certified 1 Mechanical Processing Center with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons and 2 Dyeing plants with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.


Kenan Metal is All Over the World!


Our Vision

Kenan Metal has been working with all its strength in the research, development and production processes of special-formed aluminum extrusion profiles for 20 years.


Our Mission

Our company, which closely follows technological developments from an innovative point of view and increases its production capacity every day; meets all kinds of demands of stakeholders with its experience and accumulation and leads the sector with its wide product range without borders and main goal of our company, is to achieve permanent superiority in the international markets.