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Kenan Metal produces high quality aluminum billets with its billet production facility, which is the leader in the sector. Equipped with modern and high-tech equipment, our facility is managed by specialized personnel and offers superior quality products to our customers.

Our production process starts with the use of carefully selected raw materials. Our advanced automation systems optimize the production stages, ensuring high efficiency and low error rates. The steels are heated in our specially designed furnaces and shaped by high-pressure casting machines. After this stage, our products are inspected by strict quality control processes and billets with consistent dimensions and excellent surface quality are offered to our customers.


With more than 20 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Kenan Metal works with the principles of quality raw materials, efficient technology, skilled workmanship and precise control. With all this care, billet production is completed in-house from start to finish.

As Kenan Metal, we adopt the principle of offering flexibility to suit customer needs. We work closely with our customers to meet their customized size and material demands. In addition, we are committed to the principle of sustainability by adopting environmentally friendly production methods in our facility.

Kenan Metal