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kenan metal

Billet Manufacturing Plant


Kenan Metal manufactures aluminum billets with renewed high-tech systems and produces products in accordance with project needs. High-quality and world-class billets offer advantages such as long-term use in extrusion molds, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Kenan Metal, which produces products in the aluminum sector with more than 30 years of experience, works with the principles of quality raw materials, efficient technology, skillful workmanship and precise control. With all this care, the production of billet is completed in-house from start to finish.

All products produced in the billet production line are tested with high-precision measuring systems. For manufactured aluminum billets, central cracks and capillary gap problems are controlled with an accuracy rate of 100%. The finished billets are delivered to the Extrusion Plant.

kenan metal

Mold Workshop

The molds used in profile production are manufactured with great care with very precise tolerances on high-tech CNC machine tools located on site in accordance with customer designs and needs.


Kenan Metal manufactures 1500 TONS (5 INCHES), 1800 TONS (7 INCHES), 2400 TONS (8 INCHES) and 4000 TONS (10 INCHES) with 4 extrusion press machines in a modern production facility designed and built specifically for the production of aluminum profiles. It has achieved an annual production capacity of 36,000 tons with its quality, which has been certified by TSE, IATF, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002 and OHSAS 18001.

kenan metal

Paint Workshop

Kenan Metal has a production capacity of 18,000 tons with a 12-meter electrostatic paint line. It carries out painting operations with a power and free z-type electrostatic paint booth with a capacity of 12,000 tons and a tunnel-type electrostatic paint line with a capacity of 7,200 tons.


Kenan Metal has a special anodizing coating line with a capacity of 6,000 tons. Anodizing of aluminum profiles in different colors and surface properties is carried out.

kenan metal

Transformation of Aluminum into Art

Our Values

You imagine we produce! Our custom-made solutions with our R & D team provide the highest level of satisfaction both in terms of efficiency design.


Our products are manufactured in accordance with world standards, certified by quality certificates and offer a high service life.


Our production lines, which offer the possibility of production on the basis of the project, ensure that our products are extremely durable and reliable.